Ep. 3- Klub Verboten


Episode 3. Klub Verboten. London. May 2019.

On this episode we have been hosted by our dear friends at Klub Verboten in London. The concept was working through an erotic scenario where we would portray a group of people playing on a bed in front of us. It can be related to the idea of a peepshow as we had people watching us working through a small window. Interesting how for the first time this practice acquired a performative aspect.
During the duration of the party, we tattooed our friend Ivano who also took pictures from his point of view.
For the first time we had to deal with moving subjects and the impact on the final result is very visible. We quickly depicted these scenes happenings by sketching them fast on Ivano’s back and tattoo them. Four hands tattooing crossing and merging into each other step by step building the whole back-piece.

Pictures have been taken by Nicolas, Servadio Ivano Pagnussat and Alberto Brunello. 

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