Ep. 1- Faedis.


Ep.1 Faedis. December 2018.

This was the first session in which our Stillife Brüke project was born. We were hosted by our dear friends Giacomo and Serena in their beautiful house by the Italian Alps. Giacomo expressed his wish of having a collaborative back piece by both Ruco and I. So we began by asking his sister Serena to collect some important objects around the house that have an emotional significance towards Giacomo’s memories of the house.
We created a still-life and presented it to him saying “here is your backpiece”. He sat in front of it for the next few hours while we tattooed the scene on his back.
I find it beautiful how we could distillate a subject out of the reality of the place rather than a book or online research. It made it meaningful. It made so much sense for the environment, for our friendship and for his memories relating to the house where he grew up.

Photography Giacomo Streliotto

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