A representation of reality directly on skin.

Ruco and Servadio are glad to introduce a new collaborative tattoo project that interrogates the boundaries of tattooing as an art form.

Through a life-drawing that use tattooing as its medium and the human body as its canvas, the artists are celebrating the present moment in tattooing

A representation of reality directly on skin. An interrogation of tattooing and art.

STILLIFE BRÜKE is a collaborative and multidisciplinary art project that brings together artists, photographers, tattooers, scenographers to create a connection between the tattoo practice and a wider art activity.

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London. January 2019

Phography: Mik Boiter
Scenography: Rincen Caravacci
Model: Adele Brydges
Tattoo: Ruco, Servadio


Faedis. IT

Photography: Giacomo Streliotto

Tattoo: Servadio, Ruco

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